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Oil Of Oregano

- What is it
- History
- Nutritional Values
- Health Benefit of Oregano Oil
- How to Select High Grade Oil of Oregano
- Side Effects

What is it

Oregano is a memeber of the mint family (Labiatae). It is important to realize that wild oregano is not the same as the one found in the spice section of grocery store or the type found in pizze. There are over 30 species of oregano and there are many confusion in respect to its medicinal uses.

Medicinal grade oregano arises from an unique species of plants which grow wild throughout the world. The highest grade is found in Mediterranean. A special distillation process is used to extra the essential oil from oregano to preserved its curative powers. Medicinal grade oregano oil is very expensive and difficult to produce. It takes 1000 pounds of wild oregano to produce 1 pound of oil.

It's important to distinguish medicianl grade oregano from the oregano used in food, such as that found in pizza and spaghetti sauce. Many times, the ones found in your grocery store is not even true oregano. It is mostly marjoram and its flavor is more pleasant and much milder compared to the true oregano. What's more, many spice labeled as oregano is not even marjoram. Most so-called oregano available on the West Cost is actually a oregano-like plant that merely tastes similar to oregano. It's actually Mexican sage.


Oregano has been used for its medicinal values for thousands of years. The name oregano is derived from a Grecian word meaning "joy of the mountains". Ancient Grecian physicians prescripted oregano for conditions such as trauma, wounds, headaches, lung disorders, asthma, seizures, venomous bits, even narotic poisoning. During the middle ages, Islamics used oregano and oregano oil as a germ killer. They also used oregano as a food preserver to prevent microbial growth. Oregano was also regarded as the ideal remedy for head cold in 17th century Britain.

Nutritional Values

Oregano has also been consumed as food throughout the world for its nutritional values. Oregano is rich in minerals, such as calcium, magesium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, boron, potassium, copper and manganese. It contains 1600 mg of calcium per 100 grams, twice the amount found in American Cheese, 16 times the calcium of milk. Oregano is also ranked as one of best source of naturally occuring iron which diffrent from some of the synthetic iron found nultiple vitamins, is non-toxic and can be comsume by both men and women regardless of age.

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Health Benefit of Oregano Oil

People use oil of oregano for many of its health benefits. The most well known benefit of oregano is its microbial killing powers. Oil of oregano is the premier natural antiseptic. Every microbe tested against it has been succumbs to it and there's no tendency for buildup of microbial resistance.

OREGANO is the Highest Known Source of Antioxidants

How to Select High Grade Oil of Oregano

Carvacrol is the Key
Consumer Beware -- Do not Accept Counterfeit!

All oil of oreganos are not the same. Oil of oregano, as a safe, high mountain spice extract, was originated by North American Herb & Spice Co. The original research proved that of 70-plus plants, only a few qualified as high grade. The grade is dependent upon seven factors:

  • is it a wild spice versus farm raised?
  • is it a proven edible species of oregano; that is, the type used as a warm spice?
  • is it a high carvacrol versus low carvacrol species?
  • is it the type used in modern research at world renowned institutions like Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.?
  • is it extracted in a natural process, i.e. steam distillation?
  • is it free of all chemical/pesticide residues?
  • is it relatively low in thymol, i.e. less than 5%?
Note: to use oil of oregano internally the product must meet all seven of the above criteria.

Low carvacrol species (with carvacrol less than 40%) are not true oreganos. They are marjorams and are usually farm raised. They do not meet the above criteria. In particular, 20% carvacrol oil of oreganos have not been subjected to scientific scrutiny, as have the high carvacrol species.

Oil of Oregano by North American Herb & Spice Co., as well as the SuperStrength variety, meets all seven criteria. Carvacrol levels are guaranteed 62% or higher.

Here is the bonus: Oil of Oregano by North American Herb & Spice Co. has undergone scientific studies at Georgetown University.

Use only the blue label brand oregano by North American Herb & Spice Co.; the only one extensively researched. Or, use Oreganol gelcaps in the distinctive putty-colored bottle with the orange dot, another sign of quality. Each Oreganol gelcap contains seven drops of high carvacrol oil of oregano. The carvacrol levels of Oreganol are also guaranteed at 62% or higher.

Synthetic Carvacrol is Poison
Synthetic carvacrol in Lysol, Pinesol and Listerine possesses the same germ-killing properties that Oreganol P73 does. However, without the support of the “complex phytochemical matrix” found in Oreganol P73, the synthetic carvacrol has toxic and even deadly effects when ingested.

Conclusion: This is why you never use adulterated commercial oil of oregano.

Side Effects

There are very few side effects with oil of oregano. If you are allergic to marjoram, basil, hyssop, sage or mint, use oil of oregano with caution.