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Royal Power

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Royal Power is the superior form of royal jelly. This is because our royal jelly contains the highest level of active ingredients on the market today. Royal jelly is measured in potency by the level of natural steroids (which are totally non-toxic) such as DOCA, and Royal Power is the highest at nearly 6.5% DOCA.

Few people realize how critical royal jelly is; it is the only substance making the difference between the long-lived queen bee and regular bees. Incredibly, the queen lives 24 times as long as the regular bees, plus she is stronger and sexually potent. This explains why royal jelly is famous for halting impotence and improving hormone balance. It also explains its ancient use for rejuvenation, for healthier skin, and for halting aging. It is perhaps the most ancient beauty aid.

Modern research shows royal jelly has powerful effects upon adrenal function and, thus, helps the body combat stress. This is largely because royal jelly is the richest source of the critical B vitamin pantothenic acid, a vitamin which is essential for the proper function of the adrenal glands. Natural pantothenic acid is rare in most foods. The only common sources are liver and eggs, which few Americans consume in significant quantities. Symptoms of weak adrenals include exhaustion (which doesn’t improve with sleep), nervousness, menstrual difficulties, depression or anxiety, digestive disturbances, chronic headaches, allergies, inability to handle stress, chronic upper back pain, sweaty palms, cold extremities, and cravings for salt and/or sugar.

In Europe royal jelly is famous for reversing adrenal disorders as well as female sexual or menstrual disorders. For fighting fatigue, nervousness, or panic attacks, royal jelly is essential. Royal jelly contains hundreds of natural substances, just as God made them, plus the rare, natural pantothenic acid, which is much more powerful and useful than the synthetic. Use nature’s special remedies and gain the greatest health possible, JUST LIKE THE QUEEN!

HOW TO USE ROYAL POWER: take at least four caps every morning to rebuild the system.
Maintenance: 6 caps every morning
Mild/Moderate: 8 caps every morning
Severe: 10 caps every morning
Extreme: 6 caps every morning, 6 in afternoon for extreme adrenal weakness

Remember: see your physician first. This product is not designed to cure any conditions.

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