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I’ve opened you fascinating packet of information and have only had time to flip through some of the fantastic comments of many people who have written you. I plan/hope to review all of the material this weekend and I’m sure I’ll be recommending your oregano products to people.

Thanks also for the products you sent me, including Juice of Oregano (pure natural tonic), Oregano Strength formula and the Oil of Oregano. - William G. Crook, M.D. Author, The Yeast Connection: A Medical Breakthrough

I had a bladder infection which bothered me terribly. Recently I began using the Oregamax capsules twice a day and am very happy to report my bladder infection has completely cleared up! I also have used the Oil of Oregano (Oreganol) to treat a skin rash and it cleared up the rash overnight!!! This oregano is incredible!!! - Rose H. – KS
I love Oregamax for digestion problems. As a side effect, all the minerals form the wild herbs stopped the bone loss and pain. It helped me heal a fractured hip and stopped the terrible pain. I also used the Oreganol P73 topically and under the tongue right after the fracture for several months. It stops pain fast and bleeding too. Cuts, wounds and burns of all kinds are healed so fast and painlessly. God blessed the plant and anyone who uses it is blessed. - JK – Manitoba
My husband and I are 62 years old and both suffer from arthritis pain in our hands. We have been using the Oil of Oregano for 5 days….the pain has virtually gone away. My husband has suffered also from chronic nasal congestion. The Oil of Oregano has cleared up the congestion! He takes a few drops of the oil in juice each day. I highly recommend the oil! - Connie G. – NJ
I’m 60 years old and I am very pleased with the oregano products. I use the Oregamax and the Oil of Oregano and it has cleared up my toenail fungus. My energy levels have also improved. Finally, I have found a product that does everything that it says it will do and more. Thank you!!! - Michael H. – OH
My daughter has suffered from eczema for many years. After using the Oregamax for 10 days she saw dramatic improvements. She won’t be without the Oregamax and the Oil of Oregano. - Max M. – OH
The Oil of Oregano and capsules (Oregamax) have been a tremendous help for me. After a week, my sinus congestion and nasal drip have been relieved. I feel as though my breathing capacity has strengthened, as I highly recommend this. - Bob M. – PA
Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with the Oregacyn product. Since I started taking this on a daily basis about a year ago, I have nearly eliminated all asthma symptoms and I’m free of medication. In addition, my blood pressure has dropped and stabilized. Thank you. - Allan K. – CA
I am writing to express my total satisfaction in the information derived from the book, The Cure is in the Cupboard. I have always thought of myself as a healthy individual and have taken steps to institute a more salubrious lifestyle.

I have always had to deal with dandruff and irritation of my scalp. I have tried all the shampoos on the market with some success, more or less. With Oil of Oregano (Oreganol) applied directly to the surface of the skin not only is the relief immediate, the condition has abated to the point that those flakes that used to dust the steering wheel of my car are gone. I sometimes scratch out of habit. What a joy!!

With my exercise regimen in full gear, I had over extended my walking routine (I will comver 3 to 5 miles at relatively fast clip) and developed soreness in my calves after one particularly strenuous outing. Oil of Oregano (Oreganol), worked into the seat of the muscle, offered instantaneous relief!

Bottome line: if you can relive pain, provide greater range of motion and reduce the incidence of infection – that, for people in my age group (over 50), is a fountain of youth.

Sincerely, Ivan G. – CA

I plan to cram 1 ½ years of agony and 3 ½ months of joy into this letter.

I took a wonderful vacation to Turkey and Greece in July 2000. Two days after returning from my trip, a multitude of symptoms hit me and I was very ill until November 2001. Hepatitis C. was diagnosed; however none of the symptoms were related to the hepatitis. Symptoms included agonizing stomach pains, nose bleeds, internal bleeding, rashes, vomiting, etc., etc. Every doctor I saw after not finding a problem suggested that I see a psychiatrist, as it was merely a stress issue. I had also lost 60 lbs and am now 40 lbs underweight.

My son purchased Oil of Oregano (Oreganol) and gave it to me in November. After taking it for 2 weeks, every symptom vanished. After seeing the change in my health, several of my friends are now taking Oil of Oregano and have mentioned an improvement in several areas, i.e. more restful sleep, smoother skin, better digestion.

Thank you so much for manufacturing, creating, selling - whatever your role is because my whole life has changed. I’m looking forward to my next liver test, as I feel confident that my hepatitis is in check, just because of the Oil of Oregano.

Thanks again and good luck on spreading the word, which I also plan to do. - Sharon H. – WA

It has been three years since we have had a bad cold or respiratory infection thanks to North American WILD “Oil of Oregano.” We are a couple of seniors of advanced age and those two drops of oregano every day really keep us going. You can be sure that when we travel we don’t leave home without it. - William P. – AZ
I’m writing this letter to give you a testimonial for your Oil of Oregano (Oreganol) and to thank you again for your wonderful books, which I still enjoy over and over again.

I had a fully impacted wisdom tooth under my gums for many years which had never given me one problem until recently when my dentist discovered an inflammation in my gums and said it was my wisdom tooth and I must go to an oral surgeon to remove it. He stated that I would probably loose 2 other molars in the process. I found out about Oil of Oregano, and NAH&S at a health food store where a girl recommended the book The Cure is in the Cupboard.

I started using Oil of Oregano bushing my teeth with it and massaging my gums as well. The wisdom tooth broke through the skin and started to grow and grow. The dentist said the tooth was still impacted, but I would not give up putting the Oil of Oregano on the gums and teeth – it started to get loose.

Eleven months later the wisdom tooth and root rolled out to the front of my mouth – no bleeding, no pain.

My doctor said it was a miracle. The dentist could not believe what had happened – he said in his 50 years of being a dentist he had never seen a fully impacted wisdom tooth fall out on its own.

It was your Oil of Oregano that gave such a happy ending to this story.

Thank you again!

Louise Z.

I have suffered severe post nasal drip for approximately 8 years due to sinus drainage. Traditional MDs could not find the root of the problem, leading them to prescribe me Claritin, Alegra and several other medications. No positive results came from these prescriptions, but yet I received all possible side effects. This condition became part of my daily life and I came to accept it.

Upon awaking every day, I would need to clear my throat for most of the morning. Sinus surgery seemed to be my last resort as my situation did not see any improvements. With trying to avoid surgery, I heard about Oregacyn on a local radio station. I decided to try it out because at that point, there was nothing to loose.

Within the first two days, I felt like the problem never even existed. I would rarely have to clear my throat for the first time in ten years I was finally able to sleep on my back.

I don’t know exactly how or why it works, but this Oregacyn was the only thing that got to the root of the problem and took care of something that traditional medicine could not.

God bless!

P.S. My significant other says thank you so, so much!

Mr. P - Seattle

I am writing this letter to advise you of the benefits I have obtained form information provided in the books by Dr. Cass Ingram. His books may have well saved my life.

I have been being eaten alive for many years by infections caused by an adverse reaction to a military vaccination in 1985.

I was finally receiving treatment from the VA starting in March of 2001. I had a massive infection of the skull, and facial bones. My jaw bone had completely rotted out. It had to be replaced in Salt Lake City, in 1998 with a graft from my right hip bone.

My palate has been completely and probably irreparable eaten by infections and my nose by a midline granuloma or possibly Wegener’s Granulomatois.

I was in the winter of 2001 with osteomylitis of the skull and given 40 hyperbaric oxygen treatments.

Throughout the year 2001, I had numerous very serious eye infections and was hospitalized several times. While hospitalized I was given IV antibiotics such as unacyn. The unacyn was not effective. I was sent home with a Groshong Catheter in my left upper chest. I was using IV Fortaz for most of the last few months of 2001, then again in the first months of 2002. The infections would not go away.

I was also given massive amounts of different oral antibiotics;

1. Auigmentin 875/CLAV K 125 Mg tab. 2X Daily
2. Amoxicillin 500 Mg tab. 2X Daily
3. Azithromycin 250 Mg 1X Daily
4. Ciprofloxacin 750 Mg 3X Daily
5. Ciprofloxacin 500 Mg 3X Daily in conjunction with Minocycline 100 Mg 2X Daily
6. Cefuroxime 500 Mg 2X Daily
7. Levofloxacin 500 Mg 1X Daily
8. Co-Trimazole 2X Daily
9. Minocycline 2X Daily
10. Suffamenthoxazole 800/Trimeth 160 Mg tab

I had the groshong catheter in my chest for 14 months.

They wanted to start re-construction of my facial bones but not until the infections were gone and I thought they might never be gone.

I finally found out about Oregacyn products and they may well have saved my life because until I started using Oregacyn the infections were rampant. I used Oregacyn in conjunction with Oreganol which is the oil of oregano. Then to top it off, I use Oregamax. All of these products contain P73 non-radiated oregano.

I did tell my doctors about what I had been doing and they said whatever I was doing to keep on doing it because it seemed to be working where other conventional antibiotics had not.

I had my first surgery, due to the fact I was infection free on Jun 5th, 2002 at the VA Palo Alto Medical Center.

I will also tell you that the infectious disease department at the VA was very interested in me and had a whole page of things they wanted to biopsy. The thing that is so amazing is that when the doctors laid open my face, there was no bony structure left, only scar tissue holding my face together and there was nothing to biopsy. The area was basically infection free. This after using the Oregacyn products.

I have had a total of four surgeries this year, one a month in June through September.

My next surgery is scheduled for this month

When I had these infections my face would swell up like a basketball and you would only see little slits for my eyes. These eye infections were so painful and debilitating that they would have to lance the area under my eyes. I was afraid I was going to loose my eyes then my eyesight, and possibly my life, as were the doctors.

I think that the time has come for us to realize that conventional medicine and synthetic antibiotics may well have run the course with the bacteria we are facing in these troubled times. I have been afflicted with enterococcus faecalis which is the bacteria that is almost impossible to cure. I have also been infected with streptococuus and pseudomonas this along with osteomyelites of my skull bones. I had several gallium scans done, and that was the conclusion.

I know I was in serious trouble and there was a possibility that if this was not cleared up, I might not be around much longer.

I just wanted you to know that without alternative medicine I most likely would not be here to write this letter.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter of great importance to so many.

Sheila S. – NV

Gentlemen: After hearing Dr. Ingram on a local radio broadcast, I decided to try some oregano. I purchased the Juice of Oregano. We live in the southern Ohio “sinus belt” and my wife and I were both bothered with allergies, sinus and related problems. When I began taking it, my wife was an absolute non-believer. She said she would never take that stuff!!! After taking the first dose, my head cleared in 10 minutes or less. I sleep better at night although my wife still didn’t and hacked and coughed as usual.

After noticing my success, in desperation, she tried the product. Guess what, she is now a confirmed oregano user. The Juice of Oregano cleared up her sinus problems. He no longer coughed all the time. She began noticing other improvements. She no longer took the allergy pills she took every day. Her headaches went away. She mentioned one day that she had not needed indigestion pills since she began taking Juice of Oregano. One day I was putting on my shoes and I called to my wife, “come look at my feet!” All the ugly calluses and dry ugly skin was gone. My feet were pink and smooth. My nails which were thick and brown were lightened up and returning to normal… hadn’t looked that good for 30 years. I told my friends about it and they are confirmed Juice of Oregano users. My wife’s best friend tried it and she said it was the first time in 6 years she was able to sleep all night. Also, she had some minor bladder or urinary tract problems which caused her difficulty and she had to get up several times each night. After a few days of the “Juice” all this returned to normal. She swears by it now. My wife had cracks and thick skin around her fingernails that wouldn’t heal and caused discomfort. These healed up and didn’t come back.

I can’t recall any prescription drug given to me by a doctor that was as effective as Juice of Oregano is. It acts unbelievably fast as we have had no side effects. I talked to one of my friends this morning and he said he considered it a miracle.

We ordered some more this morning!!!

Thanks a million for this great product.

Ron T. - OH

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that Oreganol worked for my 9 year old son. He's been plagued with a recurring case of perirectal strep for a year and a half now. He recently broke out in blisters and started getting thick, matted skin in his scalp. He was diagnosed with Guttate Psoriasis brought on by the Strep. I began diluting the oil and applying it to the rectal area. I also put 2 drops a day in a glass of water. After 2 days of it, he had an unusual bowel movement. His stool looked like it was covered in something white. After that the Strep began to clear up. For his scalp, I mixed 2 drops of oreganol in some olive oil and massaged it in. The next day all of the loose, dry skin washed out and he was back to normal. Needless to say, the Infectious Disease doctor we had been referred to told me to keep doing what I was doing, and our Primary Care Doc has asked me to bring the Oreganol to our next appointment. Something I left out, the reason this had become such a big deal is because my son had developed antibiotic resistance. The only one left for him to try was vancomyacin. So we are very happy to have found Oreganol. Thanks so much. - Tina D. Littleton, CO
Around the summer of 2002, I heard an interview with Dr. Cass Ingram speaking about super market remedies, in particular, Oil of Oregano. This got my attention, so I decided to do a little research on the subject. While surfing the net, I went to Dr. Ingram’s site (Dr. Oregano.com) and listened to the interview. From this I decided to try Oil of Oregano. I ordered the P-73 regular strength Oreganol and a bottle of Oregamax (dried leaves in capsules). My family and I started using Oreganol around October 2002, after a few months we were impressed. We have not been sick since; this also includes my three-year-old grandson. I bought Dr. Ingram’s book, “The Cure is in the Cupboard” and read it with amazement. My family and I are now regular users and believers, so I started spreading the word to family and friends. I ordered another bottle, this time the Super Strength and another bottle of Oregamax, which I also use in my cooking, on salads, sandwiches, etc. While surfing the net I noticed other sites that sell 100% pure Oil of Oregano: some claiming 85% carvacol and undiluted at a fraction of the cost of Dr. Oregano’s. So I purchased some while still using the P-73 Oreganol. I read about giving it to your pets as well, so I decided to use the competitor’s product. I mixed it 10 to 1 with olive oil, put it in a capsule and gave it to one of my dog’s that was suffering from skin dermatitis. The next day my dog died. So the moral of the story: only use tested, safe products such as P-73 Oreganol and get what you pay for. Thanks NAHS for a safe, tested, and trusted product. - The Stanovich Family