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Original cold-pressed, mountain-grown natural antioxidant vitamin E supplement
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Sesam-E is a medicinal form of Sesame oil made from mountain-grown and wild Sesame seeds. These seeds are grown on mineral rich soil in the Mediterranean mountain flats. The soil is exceptionally rich in calcium, phosphorus, silicon, zinc, and magnesium. This is why the flavor of Sesam-E is so rich. What’s more, this is a cold-pressed oil; this is also why the flavor is robust.

Sesame seeds are a kind of spice. Thus, they originally were used as a medicine instead of food. In ancient times the seeds were not eaten, rather they were pressed only for the oil. This was used medicinally and for beautification. In fact, in Babylonian times it was used as the base for creating exotic perfumes. It was also used topically for bites and wounds. Some investigators believe that due to its unusually potent antioxidant content the ancient intake of Sesame oil played a role in the great degree of beauty found in such people, for instance the Egyptian women of Pharaoh and Cleopatra. It is also believed to be a longevity factor.

Sesame oil is usually commercial, rarely if ever mountain-grown/wild. Sesam-E is non-commercial and hand-harvested. It is the only medicinal Sesame oil available.

Nutritional Profile
Sesam-E oil is a rich source of essential fatty acids and is particularly high in linoleic and oleic acids. Thus, it is an excellent omega-3 supplement. What’s more, in contrast to flax and hemp seed oils this is an edible nut/seed oil, which is readily digested and which is high in ancillary nutrients such as various forms of vitamin E, selenium, B vitamins, and trace minerals. Thus, rather a mere fatty acid supplement, it is a whole food. In particular, it is high in folic acid, calcium, vitamin E, unusual antioxidants, and magnesium.

Medicinal Properties
Sesame oil helps lubricate the body. This is why it is an excellent mild laxative. Thus, for constipation, diverticulitis, and diarrhea it is ideal. Recently, it has been recommended for reversal of menopausal symptoms, including vaginal dryness. Its balancing effect upon the female system may be related to its rich content of naturally occurring vitamin E. It is also a fertility aid, as well as an aid to weak libido. For vaginal disorders it may be taken internally or applied topically. There are anticancer actions of this oil. In a study published in Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes, and Essential Fatty Acids, 1992, it was determined that the oil blocked the growth of melanoma cells. Another study published in Anticancer Research discovered its toxic effects on human cancer cells. Investigators from Purdue University may have found the mechanism for such potent effects: its rich content of the cancer-fighting compound, gamma tocopherol. This is essentially unique to Sesame seeds (as well as walnuts and a few other foods), and is much more powerful than commercial vitamin E in this action. According to the researchers gamma tocopherol induces “death in lab-grown human cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone.” This may explain why the incidence of cancer is so low in people where Sesame products are a staple. Specifically, it had this beneficial action against prostate and lung cancer cells. It was also found that the oil inhibits inflammation, a process that leads to a variety of diseases. This may explain reports of beneficial effects of Sesame in arthritis, bursitis, heart disease, high blood pressure, and of course, cancer. What’s more, it appears that the action is dose-dependent. Thus, the researchers discovered as they increased the amount the cancer cells were even more greatly inhibited.

Gamma tocopherol is rarely available in vitamin pills. Sesam-E is the ideal source. It is believed that in high doses gamma tocopherol, as found in Sesam-E, could act as a cancer preventive. Yet, it may also prove valuable in treatment. According to Brigelius-Flohe, in her summary article on vitamin E (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition), such forms of vitamin E are able to cause the death of cancer cells.

It was Salerno who demonstrated an issue utterly fascinating. Taking slightly processed oil versus the crude oil, i.e. the Sesam-E, he treated cancer cells. Incredibly, the crude unprocessed oil was more potent in killing cancer cells than the pre-digested type.

In India extracts of Sesame are used for the treatment of digestive disorders. For centuries a positive effect has been noted in diarrhea, dysentery intestinal inflammation, and hemorrhoids. Recent studies also demonstrate a potent action on the circulatory system. The fact is the regular intake of this oil helps normalize blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels. Regarding high blood pressure the findings are impressive. A mere 1/3 ounce of the oil dramatically reduced blood pressure levels. In this trial, reported at the International Society of Hypertension, patients with an average blood pressure of 166/100 saw their pressures reduced to an average of 134/84, which is an impressive result for such a small dose. What’s more, the need for medication was reduced by 70%.

Sesam-E is an invaluable supplement, which helps balance the circulatory system, the anti-cancer mechanism, the hormonal system, and the inflammatory response. This is why it is useful in virtually any condition.

Remember: This product is not intended to treat or cure any conditions. As always, see your Physician first.

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