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Resvital (Resvitanol)

red sour grape

Grapes are incredibly powerful at preventing and fighting disease. The key component in Resvitanol is the naturally occurring polyphenol Resveratrol. Resveratrol, in order to be most effective, must be all natural and not tainted by the treatment of man-made fungicides. Resvitanol is a true, unprocessed grape product that is made from the entire grape: the skin, seed, vine and leaf. This means that Resvitanol is a pure, untainted source of Resveratrol and, therefore, carries the highest level of benefits associated with this wondrous polyphenol.

In recent years red wine has received a lot of publicity as the "French Paradox." This is due to the fact that the French consume a diet high in fat and yet experience only one-third of the heart attacks suffered by Americans. One of the main reasons why the French suffer less coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis is that they consume significant amounts of garlic and onion, that are naturally-occurring polyphenols themselves, as well as large quantities of red wine, which happens to be high in Resveratrol. The reason why Resveratrol is so effective stems from the fact that it is a free radical scavenger that reduces platelet aggregation, modulates lipoprotein metabolism, and helps blood vessels to remain open and flexible. Additionally, Resveratrol `is thought to act like a phytoestrogen,' which may even allow it to reduce cholesterol levels and help in the prevention of osteoporosis.

Another one of the many benefits of Resveratrol is the way it handles cancerous cells. According to researchers from the School of Pharmacy at Leicester's De Montfort University, the human body uses an enzyme called CYP1B1 to transform Resveratrol into an anti-cancer agent known as piceatannol. According to Professor Gerry Potter, who led the study, this process reaps additional benefits because it only occurs in cancerous tumors, thereby limiting toxicity to the cancer cells and sparing healthy ones. In addition to destroying pre-existing cancer cells Resveratrol has been shown to `block the process of initiation and progression,' of the disease. In other words, the polyphenol Resveratrol may serve to prevent cancer altogether. These recent findings lead many in the healthcare field, including Professor Gordon McVie (Joint Director General for Cancer Research UK), to press for the use of natural products, such as herbal remedies, in the fight against cancer.

Additionally, it is believed that Resveratrol may exhibit effects similar to those of cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) inhibitors. COX-2 inhibitors offset pain and inflammation caused by the COX-2 enzyme. Due to this fact, Resveratrol may help to prevent ischemia-induced inflammatory processes such as stroke. Moreover, the COX-2 enzyme enhances the growth of tumor-related blood vessels. Therefore, by acting as a COX-2 inhibitor, Resveratrol may help to eliminate pain, stroke and the growth of tumor-related blood vessels.

For optimal benefits it is suggested that a person consume 600-1,200 mg per day of Resveratrol for cardioprotective effects. A person suffering from cancer should consume amounts far exceeding the dosage recommended above.

Resvitanol Cardioprotective Protocol

Capsules - two 500mg capsules twice daily
Powder - one teaspoon twice daily

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