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Why Gastronex is Different

It's the Five-Fold Mechanism of Action

Only Gastronex offers the combined powers of the highest potency proteolytic and fat-digesting enzymes plus aromatic spice extracts and germ-killing spice oils.

  • Fenugreek supports the strength of the pancreas and liver, the key organs of digestion, improving the function of insulin.
  • Ginger supports the health of the stomach and intestinal walls, boosting digestive secretions and reducing inflammation.
  • Cardamom, fenugreek. and coriander ease spasticity and reduce gas.
  • Wild oregano. binger, and cardamom are natural germicides. The majority of chronic digestive disorders are due to germ infestations, including hiatus hernia. esophagitis, gastritis, and colitis.
  • This high potency enzyme mix releases the strain on the pancreas and intestinal walls, preserving these organs, while normalizing digestion.

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