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So little is done to cleanse the urinary system. However, it is a crucial system for excretion of waste matter. Now you can use high quality and potent, wild and mountain grown herb extracts to cleanse the kidneys from the inside out. The kidneys must be cleansed in order to achieve optimal health. The kidneys help the body expel a wide range of chemicals, including toxic metals and synthetic chemicals. They need support, and KidneeClenz is designed specifically for providing powerful herbal support to the kidneys.

KidneeClenz is specially formulated to cleanse the blood as well as the kidneys. It contains fennel oil, which has been used as a natural diuretic for thousands of years. Fennel also helps support and cleanse the digestive tract. KidneeClenz also contains juniper oil, another one of nature’s most useful kidney tonics. This is the wild juniper oil from the high mountains of the deep Mediterranean, a unique type of juniper. Oregano is added, which is a natural antiseptic, and myrtle oil helps further support kidney function. Cleanse yourself for better health with the powers of wild and mountain-grown spice and herb essential oils.

How to Use KidneeClenz:
Simply take 5 to 10 drops twice daily in juice or water. For a more aggressive cleanse, take 20 drops twice daily in pure unsweetened cranberry or grape juice. Since this is a natural herb and spice product, it is safe for all ages.

Note: see your physician first. This product is not designed to cure any condition.

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