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Nutri-Sense is a special type of breakfast drink mix which is MUCH MORE THAN BREAKFAST. It is unique compared to all other nutrition powders or mixes, because it is made from real food. This is what makes it so powerful and effective. While other powders are synthetically produced, Nutri-Sense is 100% from natural foods. Made of rice bran, rice polish, crushed flax, and lecithin, it is the only unprocessed nutritional drink mix available.

The main ingredients, rice bran and polish, are super-rich in naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. This makes Nutri-Sense the top source of natural nutrients such as thiamine, niacin, PABA, pantothenic acid, potassium, magnesium, silica, and chromium. There is little more that you need! Plus, since it is a food, it is readily digested and provides the strength and stamina you would expect from real food. You canít live on vitamins and water, but you could survive on Nutri-Sense and water.

Nutri-Sense contains another major food, lecithin, which provides great brain nourishment. It is the top natural source of phospholipids, which are required by the brain and nerves. Recently, the U. S. government mandated that choline, a component of lecithin, is an essential nutrient. Crushed flax seed, the whole seed, makes it complete by providing a plethora of trace minerals plus essential fatty acids in the most natural, unprocessed form possible. Finally, we add an invaluable source of flavonoids from pure, unprocessed, red sour grape. This provides a natural source of the powerful anti-disease, anti-cancer flavonoids resveratrol and quercitin.

Nutri-Sense is a great source of natural soluble fiber, which has been shown to greatly aid digestion. It is also excellent for weight loss. It can be used as a meal replacement drink twice a day along with a healthy supper.

HOW TO USE NUTRI-SENSE: Mix two tablespoons in juice, water, or preferably, milk and mix in blender. Top hot and cold cereals with this nutritious and tasty treat. Add it to meat loaf or casseroles. Take your Nutri-Sense every day!

Note: See your physician first. Product not designed to cure any conditions.

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