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ProstaClenz is a unique combination of pumpkinseed oil powder with edible, wild, antioxidant herbs and natural flavonoids.

Pumpkinseed oil has been used to promote and sustain health for nearly three hundred years.The world’s most nutritious pumpkins grow high in the Alpine foothills. The oil, cold pressed from the seeds, is rich in essential fatty acids crucial for glandular health. It is also a good source of natural vitamin E and carotenoids.

To meet rigid European standards, the oil is converted to a 10:1 powder. ProstaClenz contains this special 10:1 pumpkinseed oil powder. In addition, it contains wild, high mountain, Mediterranean rosemary and oregano. Because of their place of origin as well as their nature, both herbs exhibit strong antioxidative powers and are a rich source of micronutrients. They also support the body’s fight against infection. Wild St. John’s wort is a valuable addition, enchanting properties of this combination.

Take two capsules 2-3 times a day on empty stomach or with meals.

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