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The scalp and hair are vulnerable to attack by both parasites and germs. Researchers believe that various parasites, including mites and fungi, contribute to poor quality of hair as well as hair loss. Lice also attack the scalp and lay their eggs near the scalp by binding them to the hair follicles.

ScalpClenz provides the powers of wild spice and herb extracts, specifically formulated for strengthening the hair, cleansing the scalp, and cleansing the hair roots. Hair follicles and scalp are vulnerable to disease and microbial attack: everyone could benefit from regular ScalpClenz.

The cleanse is a powerful way to rid the hair of the impurities that lead to aggravating symptoms, like itchy scalp, sensations of crawling, discomfort, flaking, etc.

This is an edible Clenz, so it may be taken internally as well as applied topically. Cleanse the scalp from impurities with the powers of wild herb and spice extracts: you will feel and notice the difference quickly, that is our guarantee.

How to Use ScalpClenz Topically: to keep the hair and scalp in top condition rub a generous amount into the scalp once daily. Leave on scalp for at least 12 hours, shampooing with a gentle chemical-free shampoo.

How to Use ScalpClenz Internally: to keep the hair and scalp in top condition take 5 drops under the tongue twice daily.

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