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Migraten is a unique combination of high quality herb and spice extracts - all from the high mountain wilderness. These wild herbs and spices are researched, tested, and proven to be of the highest quality possible. Research shows that spice extracts support the natural pain-defense mechanisms. This completely edible formula from natural plants includes the proprietary P73 wild oregano blend.

The individual ingredients in Migraten have been used traditionally to reduce the discomfort associated with migraines. Ayurvedic medicine has long considered holy basil to be the most sacred of plants. One of the most noted medicinal properties of holy basil is its ability to relieve the debilitating symptoms associated with migraine headaches. Holy basil, known as Ocimum sanctum Linn, has also been praised for its anti-inflammatory capabilities. Hypertension, one of the main symptoms associated with migraines, is also known to be alleviated by wild holy basil.

Migraten also contains substantial amounts of rosemary. Rosemary, for thousands of years has been known for its ability to improve the function of the mind. Ancient texts describe how extracts of rosemary stimulate the mind, enhance mood, boost studying powers, and improve memory. In fact, it is most famous as a memory aid. Yet, it was also known for combating disorders of the nerves as well as arthritis. Dr. Chevalier describes its value for improving circulation, especially to the brain. The ancient Chinese sclerologists teach that virtually all illnesses are associated with poor circulation and that improving circulation is the answer to every malady. Rosemary has an ancient history in fighting pain. It is still used for this purpose in Europe. Tierra notes that rosemary is of "great benefit in treating headaches." because it contains natural anti-pain compounds. Refer to the following books on rosemary for further information: Supermarket Remedies by Dr. Cass Ingram and A Way of Herbs by Michael Tierra.

The final vital ingredient in the Migraten is the proprietary OreganolTM P73 blend, which has been extensively researched and tested at major universities worldwide. The anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties of OreganolTM P73 were attested to by research performed at the Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington. D.C. (ask a North American Herb & Spice representative for a copy of the research). OreganolTM P73 also contains extraordinarily powerful analgesic activities and remarkable anti-inflammatory properties. Researchers at Anadolu University in Turkey discovered the relationship between the analgesic activities of origanum oil and how they seem to be dependent on carvacrol content. Carvacrol, for its part, has been shown to have prostaglandin inhibitory effects. Oregano was examined in this study against morphine in a standard tail-flick test. Analgesic (antinociceptive) activities of morphine, fenoprofen and the essential oils obtained from wild origanum were measured. The results were astounding. Origanum proved to be almost as effective against pain as morphine and more effective than fenoprofen. In conclusion, origanum essential oil has dose-dependent analgesic activity which seems to be based upon carvacrol content. This landmark study was the first to report analgesic action and carvacrol dependency of origanum essential oil by the tail-flick method.

Overall, Migraten offers this unique blend of powerful, all natural spice extracts concentrated via our propriety process, which increases the efficacy of pure essential oils by turning the oil into a highly absorbable powder. Migraten is a powerful and effective all natural alternative to traditional migraine remedies.

Maintenance: 3 caps at onset of migraine. 1 in the next hour if needed
Mild/Moderate: 3 caps at onset of migraine, 2 in the next hour if needed
Severe: 4 caps at onset of migraine. 2 in the next hour if needed
Extreme: 5 caps at onset of migraine. 2 every hour for the next three hours if needed

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