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Hema-Build (Formerlly BloodBuilder)

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Why Hema-Build (Formerlly BloodBuilder) is Different

For Increasing Blood Cell Counts
Six-Phase Mechanism

Only Hema-Build (Formerlly BloodBuilder) combines iron-rich herbs with red grape flavonoids, liver cleansers. wild kelp, and wild mineral-rich spices.

  • Wild dandelion and burdock are known blood cell regeneratives, which stimulate the creation of red blood cells in the spleen. They also help purge the blood and liver of deadly poisons. which damage the blood-building mechanisms.
  • Wild kelp stimulates a higher body temperature, which increases bone marrow activity. This also increases the cell-building activity of the liver and spleen.
  • Wild oregano, kelp, and sage are rich sources of naturally bound iron, which is an ideal blood-builder. Plus, these herbs are rich in a wide range of minerals, all of which are needed for healthy red and white blood cells. These herbs are mineral concentrates direly needed by the blood cells. Oregano and sage are also high in copper.
  • Wild kelp, burdock, and dandelion are exceedingly high in protein. All of these are raw. The raw proteins directly build red and white blood cells. as well as aid in the repair of existing blood cells.
  • Wild oregano. sage, and kelp are natural germicides for helping to kill blood-destroying germs, particularly parasites.
  • Red sour grape is rich in blood-building red flavonoids and red blood-building organic acids. which help stimulate the kidney response to blood-building.

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