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OregaResp P73 (formerly Oregacyn P73)

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This is the most powerful natural medicine for the respiratory system-and more. However, it is particularly potent for supporting the health of the entire respiratory system. Clinical trials show that this formula destroys a wide range of germs, which readily cause lung infections, including herpes-like viruses, flu viruses, cold viruses, and even TB. This is an aggressive way to support the immune system, lung function, bronchial function, sinus health, and the white blood cells. It is a triple spice formula based upon the most potent wild and mountain-grown medicinal spices available. It is specific for the respiratory system but can be used for much more.

OregaResp p73 is effective in fighting bacteria, mold, parasites, and even viruses. The aromatic nature of these spices makes OregaRESP particularly effective in supporting respiratory function. This formula has a highly aggressive and fast action upon the respiratory passages. Regarding this there can be no doubt.

OregaResp p73 has antihistaminic properties, which is why it so quickly reverses any kind of allergy. It is also directly active against mold. OregaRESP was found to be effective at eliminating both the common cold and flu when applied to in vitro cultures at a low rate of dilution. OregaRESP is the ideal easy-to-use immune support for colds, flu, and bronchial health.

Benefits Of OregaResp P73:

  • The ideal formula for any respiratory issue, that is for supporting the health needs of the nasal region, sinuses, throat, bronchial tubes, and lungs
  • Potent antihistamine actions make this the ideal supplement for reversing allergic reactions as well as preventing allergy
  • Since it is the RESPIRATORY formula this is the ideal supplement for colds and flu, that is for quick action and easy administration (capsules versus oils)
  • Powerful formula may also be used for non-respiratory support such as support against yeast infections, viral infections, and bacterial disorders
  • Should be ideally taken with meal

In a recent article from the London Times it was stated, "ever since penicillin was discovered, medical science has been involved in a race against constantly mutating bacteria. Inevitably, the quest for ever-stronger drugs to fight infection is one that can have no end, prompting some experts to look again at ancient, but effective, ways of tackling ill health. One of these could be the use of the wild oregano plant. Around 3000 B.C., the Babylonians described wild oregano as a cure for lung and heart disease. and it is used for healing wounds and venomous bites. With benefits like these, North American Herb and Spice proudly presents Oregacyn' P73 (OregaResp P73), the first ever tested and researched respiratory health supplement from the leaders in oregano based products.

What Makes OregaResp (Oregacyn) Work?

The fungal fighting properties of wild oil of oregano (the main ingredient in Oregacyn P73) are supported by research conducted at the Georgetown University Medical Center and led by Harry G. Preuss, M.D. The study, which was published in the journal Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, tested the efficacy of oregano oil against the fungal infection Candida albicans (better known as a yeast infection) in mice. The study concluded that oil of oregano "can act as a potent antifungal agent against Candida albicans." With anti-fungal abilities like these it is easy to see why Business Week magazine said, "Oregano could turn into the next wonder drug."

In addition to oil of oregano, OregaResp (formerly Oregacyn) also includes cumin, sage and cinnamon.

Cumin is a strong tasting spice that is derived from the seed of a small plant belonging to the parsley and celery family. Cumin has many benefits including its antifungal powers. Tantaoui-Elaraki and Beraoud published in the Journal of Environmental Pathology, Toxicology and Oncology that cumin oil could halt the growth of the invasive forms of yeast in a rather small concentration: less than one tenth of one percent. They also found that the oil of cumin could potentially hinder the production of fungal toxins such as aflatoxin. Moreover, multiple researchers writing in the journal Nutrition and Cancer found that oil of cumin had the ability to increase the activity of a liver enzyme known as glutathione-S-transferase. This enzyme is necessary if the liver is to detoxify toxic chemicals. This means that the ingestion of cumin oil may help the body remove cancer causing chemicals via acceleration of liver detoxification. Currently, the known and potential benefits of cumin make it a powerful natural remedy for numerous maladies that plague modern man.

Sage is an herb found naturally in Europe which has strong antioxidant and antibacterial powers. The antioxidant effects of sage help to destroy free radicals, scavenger molecules that lack necessary electrons and create cellular havoc while hunting for their missing components, before they can do too much damage to the cellular structure of the human body. One of the benefits of sage is its potential ability to break down acetylchoiine, which helps to preserve the compound that "seems to help prevent and cure Alzheimer's." Moreover, sage may help in the treatment of bad breath, canker sores, carpal tunnel syndrome, gingivitis and tonsillitis.

OregaRESP (formerly Oregacyn) has been created using a proprietary, evaporative technique on the constituent edible oils. The technique used on the wild, mountain grown oil of oregano, as well as the other natural spice extracts included in the Oregacyn P73, creates a more potent and concentrated formula than the natural edible oils possess alone. Oregacyn P73 comes in both powdered capsule and oil forms. In our experience, the oil mixture appears to contain properties all its own. At North American Herb & Spice, we have seen maximum results when Oregacyn P73 is taken in both capsule and oil form simultaneously.

North American Herb & Spice is totally unique in the nutrition industry. Our creations are the finest and purest on the earth. Our goal is to help people become as healthy as possible. It is truly amazing to discover an edible spice extract that is potentially effective at fighting bacteria and fungi. This has led Dr. Cass Ingram, the company's medical researcher, to pose the question, "If Oregacyn P73 can be proven to fight bacteria and fungi equally well in humans as they have in laboratory studies, wouldn't this be a potentially monumental accomplishment for mankind?"

Maintenance: 1 cap daily Mild/Moderate: 1 cap twice daily
Severe: 2 caps twice daily
Extreme: 3 - 4 caps twice daily

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