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P73 Sprays


  • Supports physical cleanliness and germ reduction.
  • OregaSpray contains emulsified oils of wild oregano, lavender, bay leaf, and clove for natural germicidal support. Pleasant smelling. Helps cleanse the air of germs and odors.
  • OregaSpray is ideal for use around children and pets, to ensure the cleanliness of food, and for any topical application.


  • Supports a healthy, erm-free environment.
  • Germ-a-Clenz is made with mycelized essential oils which yield natural carvacrol phenol, thymol phenol, cuminaldehyde phenol, and natural wild spice essences. This is natural and edible.
  • Germ-a-Cleanz can be used on countertops, bed sheets, mold-infested basement, furnace filters, air conditioners, and anywhere else that needs purifying. Great for cleansing fruits and vegetables.
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    Herbal Bug-X

  • Supports reduction in insect bites.
  • Herbal Bug-X contains bay leaf oil, lavender oil, nutmeg oil, and wild oreganol oil. It naturally wards off unwanted insects such as mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, blackflies, and ants.
  • Herbal Bug-X can be applied directly to the skin as a repellent spray and is even edible. Safe for children, infants, and pets.
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