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Fung-E Clenz

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Fung-E Clenz is a blend of wild and mountain grown essential oils in a specific ratio offering maximum immune system support. Dr. Marc Bielski, a physician specializing in the treatment of fungal disorders, formulated this blend. Dr. Bielski found with his patients that a specific ratio of essential oils was invaluable for immune system support.

Modern research proves that certain essential oils exhibit potent anti-fungal powers. The main ingredient, our oil of wild Mediterranean oregano, has been researched by Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., and found to have strong anti-fungal properties in dilutions as small as 0.25mg/ml.

The addition of cumin, sage and myrtle oils enhances immunoprotective functions of the blend. Oil of cumin supports liver function. Sage oil is known to restore and enhance adrenal function. Myrtle oil helps to stabilize blood sugar.

How to Use Fung-E Clenz: take five or more drops three times daily directly under the tongue or in juice/water. For special needs take more.

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