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Natural vitamin C is not exactly the same as the synthetic. This has been demonstrated by research from the renowned scientist Dr. Szent Gyorgi, two-time Nobel prize winner. Gyorgi was perhaps the first to discover the immense value of vitamin C in reversing illness. Yet, the vitamin C he initially administered was not the type used today. He used crude, natural vitamin C to eradicate symptoms such as joint pain, swelling, and weakness and to reverse disease. After relying on the natural C plus bioflavonoids, Gyorgi experimented with the synthetic type, but it failed to work. He concluded that only natural or unprocessed vitamin C extract, complete with various synergistic components (like the flavonoids), was effective for rebuilding human health. Modern research shows that natural vitamin C is indeed different, both electrically and in its light spectrum.

Purely-C is perhaps the only totally natural source vitamin C plus flavonoid supplement available on the market. No chemicals of any type are used in its manufacture. For instance, bioflavonoids are often extracted with solvents like hexane and alcohol; our bioflavonoids are from the pure, complete food. No chemicals are used.

Purely-C is the richest type in bioflavonoids and noncitrus, which contains vitamin C and flavonoids from non-citrus sources. Each type contains a unique array of naturally occurring flavonoids and vitamin C molecules from totally natural sources.

Purely-C contains various tannic acids, malic acid, gallic acid, and ellagic acid from natural mountain berry and wild strawberry leaves, plus resveratrol from mountain grown red sour grapes. The natural vitamin C is from wild strawberry leaves, red grape powder, mountain berry (Rhus), acerola cherry, and rose hip powder. Wild strawberry leaves also provide natural potassium, silica and magnesium.

How to Use Purely-C: take two or more capsules daily with meals.

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