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kid e kare

natural health kare for children

kid e kare Oweez

eases and protects, plus it supports the healing response.
Ideal for injuries, burns, soreness, and anything on the skin. When boo-boos happen, kids ask for it.

kid e kare flush-eez

gently cleanses toxins and helps with daily elimination.
When you have a clean colon, even allergies are eased.

kld e kare Attention Drops

calm the nerves naturally while boosting mental function. For better focus and for good behavior, rub attention drops on the forehead, chest, and feet. Also, for best results use internally every day.

kid e kare Rubbing Oil

saves the day when kids are feeling achy and feverish. Rub it on the spine, chest, forehead, and bottoms of the feet-even helps break fever.

kid e kare Cold & Flu

is powerful immune support for kids. The aromatic oils, including the researched-tested P73 Oreganol, strengthen immunity and support the respiratory system and more.

kid e kare Cough and Throat Spray

soothes the throat, clears congestion, and eases coughs. The two flavors are made from real wild cherries or berries, so it tastes great too.

kid e kare Mighty kids

builds stronger and calmer kids. Plus, it provides the all natural nourishment they really need-vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and more. Great for picky eaters too.

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