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North American Herb & Spice Virtually all Americans suffer from some degree of liver toxicity. Regardless of how health conscious the individual might be, liver toxicity is endemic in North America. Numerous chemicals are produced daily within the body as a result of normal metabolism. Through normal aging alone the liver is eventually overwhelmed, since it processes the vast majority of chemicals produced through daily cellular reactions. However, we are also exposed to a vast amount of poisonous compounds in our environment, which is only a 20th century phenomenon. These poisonous chemicals include, among others, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides, heavy metals, prescription and non-prescription drugs, motor vehicle fumes, hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils, refined polyunsaturates and nitrates and nitrites. Whenever poisonous compounds enter the body or are created within it as a natural result of biochemical reactions, the liver is responsible for their removal. The liver can become quickly overwhelmed since billions of anti-toxic chemical reactions happen within its cells every minute. This is especially true in the event of poor diet and/or nutritional deficiency. The pollution of the liver by modern chemical burden largely explains the dramatic increase in liver cancer (up over 400%), hepatitis or cirrhosis which has occurred over the past decade. A high toxic load of the liver is manifested by certain predictable signs and symptoms, which may be collectively described as liver dysfunction syndrome, as published in the Self-Test Nutrition Guide (Dr. Cass Ingram, 1994).

The liver disposes of harmful compounds through a complex set of chemical reactions. A protein/enzyme known as glutathione (glutathione-S-transferase is its dominating form) greatly enhances the speed and efficiency of detoxification. If the liver fails to produce sufficient glutathione and/or if the individual consumes substances which destroy it, exposure to toxic chemicals or drugs may prove life threatening. Certain herbs dramatically enhance glutathione synthesis. Phytotherapy Research describes how oil of cumin enhances liver and stomach cell synthesis of glutathione by as much as 700%. Other studies show how sage, rosemary, fennel, and oregano all increase its level by up to 400%.

Bile is needed to bind and dump poisons into the intestines so they can be removed via the stool. Coriander extract activates the enzymes responsible for synthesizing bile and helps to normalize cholesterol synthesis. According to Toxicology, a component of bay leaf, beta myrcene, greatly enhances the liver’s detoxification powers. Aggressive antioxidant actions of sage, rosemary, oregano, bay, cumin, and turmeric are highly effective in protecting tissues from free radical damage, aging and toxic chemical exposure.

Parasites are more capable of attacking the liver if it is weakened and overloaded with toxins. Spice oils are potent antiparasitic agents. Mexican researchers found that oregano extract was superior to Flagyl in destroying Giardia. Oregano also aids in the destruction of pinworms and their eggs. Cumin is a larvacide and bay leaf oil kills both parasitic eggs and worms.

LivaClenz™ is a special formula containing many of the aforementioned detoxification spices. It contains edible spice oils from coriander, bay, cumin, rosemary and sage. Such an oil can be mixed with extra virgin olive oil for a liver flush. Liver flush programs should be applied gradually, as the purging of high amounts of toxins may lead to a wide range of symptoms. Yet, the consequences of an untreated toxic liver are far more dangerous: hepatitis, cirrhosis, and ultimately, liver cancer.

DIRECTIONS: Take 5-10 drops twice daily in juice or with meals. For a strong liver cleanse, take 20 drops three times daily. For a liver purge, take 40 drops in a quarter cup of olive oil and take twice daily.

Note; see your physician first. Product not designed to cure any condition.

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