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Juices and Essences Usage Guide

Drink an ounce or two of juice or essence every day in hot water or fruit juice

Juice of Oregano

  • Helps to recapture your strength
  • Excellent physical and mental tonic
  • Rich in safe, plant-derived oxygen
  • Improves digestion, metabolism, and circulation

    Juice of Rosemary

  • Improves memory
  • Improves brain function and intellectual power, alertness and circulation in the brain
  • Powerful antioxidant, blocking aging of the brain
  • Wipes out fatigue, anxiety, and depression

    Juice of Sage

  • Wipes out stress
  • Balances nervous system and improves adrenal function
  • Helps to relax, reclaim strength and energy
  • Helps insomnia, indigestion, and nervousness

    Juice of Coriander

  • Improves the liver's healing function and ability to synthesize bile
  • Appetite stimulant
  • Aids indigestion, excess gas, bloating, cramps

    Essence of Orange Blossom

  • Controls your appetite
  • Curbs your cravings for sweets
  • Improves digestion
  • Helps stop diarrhea, soothes irritated respiratory tract, exhibits antibacterial action
  • May help anxiety, insomnia, and depression

    Essence of Rose Petals

  • Helps irritated eyes
  • Combats heat stress
  • Helps poor circulation, spider veins, easy bruising, cold extremities
  • Aids in digestive, skin and menstrual disorders
  • Useful for stubborn coughs, congestion, and respiratory disorders

    Essence of Lavender

  • Relaxing agent, calming action upon nerves and heart
  • Helps insomnia, tension, nervousness, headaches
  • Digestive aid: colic, nausea, heartburn, bad breath

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