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Potent Natural Anti-inflammatory Agent
North American Herb & Spice

Infla-eez is directed against the cause of inflammation; toxic proteins, cellular toxins, oxidative damage, and infection. The natural substances in this formula deal with all such causes. In particular, infection is a major cause of inflammation, especially the chronic types. If such infection is purged, the inflammation is regularly eliminated. Ultimately, this leads to an elimination of pain.

Infla-eez contains potent spice extracts which readily destroy infection. It is high in potent enzymes all of which are from a non-animal source which destroy inflammatory proteins. They naturally reverse edema as well. Infla-eez contains Camu camu as a source of natural vitamin C and bio-flavionoids, which stabilize internal tissues plus aid in healing. Infla-eez also contains organic turmeric. Scientists continue to discover that turmeric is a medically useful plant compound that demonstrates powerful anti-inflammatory, anticancer, antibiotic, and anti-aging properties. This tropical root delivers a smorgasbord of powerful health benefits. New research shows that turmeric--and its main bioactive compound, curcumin--has the power to block inflammation, stop cancer, kill infectious microbes, and improve heart health. Infla-eez also contains the power of 10-HDA royal jelly. In humans, Royal Jelly may benefit us in many ways. It has been shown to lower blood cholesterol levels and is renowned for its antibacterial properties. It is taken widely to boost energy and treat fatigue, stress, digestive problems, ulcers and help with cardiovascular conditions. Royal Jelly has long been recognized as a potent bringer of health and vitality. It is rich in minerals, natural hormones, B vitamins, fatty acid, and folic acids, along with aspartic acid which is important for tissue regeneration and growth.

How to use: For any type of inflammation take one or more capsules as needed with or without food.

Remember: This product is not intended to treat or cure any conditions. As always, see your Physician first.

Why Infla-eeZ is Different

Six-Phase Anti-Inflammatory Support

Only Infla-eeZ supports the natural anti-inflammation processes through multiple mechanisms.

  • Fruit enzymes, high dose bromelain and papain, digest congested tissue and improve micro circulation, while helping the body cleanse swellings and protein accumulations. By cleansing such debris and swellings inflammation is reduced.
  • Ginger root, turmeric, and wild rosemary provide potent flavonoids, which modulate the inflammatory cascade.
  • Rosemary improves blood flow to the muscular tissues, as well as the adrenal glands, while crude natural vitamin C (camu camu) keeps the connective tissue strong, as well as the arterial walls.
  • Wild oregano kills noxious germs, which cause joint inflammation. Germs that cause joint disturbances-bacteria, fungi, mold, and parasites-are all killed by wild oregano. This is a key mechanism of action, which other formulas lack.
  • Undiluted royal jelly and crude natural vitamin C (camu camu) boost natural adrenal steroid synthesis. It is the steroid hormones that are anti-inflammatory.
  • Wild oregano and rosemary contain flavonoids and phenols with direct anti-pain, that is morphine-like, actions. A Turkish study documented that the wild oregano extract was superior to Ibuprofen in anti-inflammatory power.
Note: There are no animal products in this formula. Recently, chondroitin sulfate was implicated as significantly increasing the incidence of autoimmune diseases.

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