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BerriesFlush is for flushing toxins from the cells. It is also an ideal natural substance for taking under the tongue to support the health of the eyes.

BerriesFlush contains acombination of wild berry extracts from the northern forests and prairies of Canada, far away from any pollution. Depending on the season these berries include blueberries, currants, raspberries, buffalo berries, and cranberries. These berries cleanse in a variety of ways. They purge toxins, and they help naturally cleanse the intestines.

What's more, they contain berry flavonoids, which help support all aspects of the immune system. These berry flavonoids support the health of all the genes. They make an ideal generalized flushing agent. These flavonoids are also highly nourishing for the eyes. Typical dose is two droppers daily for cleansing the cells and strengthening the body's immune system.

Benefits of BerriesFlush

  • This is the wild berries combination, extracted raw, thus, all enzymes are intact
  • The intact enzymes aid in the cleansing power
  • Berry flavonoids help naturally boost immunity
  • Helps naturally cleanse cells as well as blood
  • A good natural cleanser for intestinal walls
  • Ideal support for the health of all aspects of the eyes

How to Use BerriesFlush

: take ten to more drops under the tongue or in juice/water twice daily.

What is in BerriesFlush

: wild blueberry extract, wild cranberry extract, wild cherry extract,Preservitol(all natural spice oil)

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