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Why Cholestamin is Different

It's the Five-Fold Mechanism of Action

Only all-natural Cholestamin supports cholesterol function through five different mechanisms.

  • The crude wild kelp boosts thyroid function, which causes the cholesterol and triglycerides to be metabolized. This speeds the burning of fat, naturally.
  • The wild cumin speeds liver and gallbladder emptying, naturally lowering the cholesterol levels in the liver. It keeps the cholesterol mobilized. It also prevents the cholesterol from being oxidized, which prevents it from causing toxicity. When there is low toxicity, cholesterol levels are normal.
  • The red sour grape plus the kelp help bind cholesterol in the bowel, reducing its absorption.
  • The red sour grape helps normalize the function of circulating cholesterol, preventing the creation of harmful forms of cholesterol. Plus it helps make the arterial walls elastic as well as strong.
  • The red grape and cumin dramatically boost glutathione synthesis, which halts inflammation and oxidation. Plus, glutathione is needed to increase the removal of toxic forms of cholesterol from the body. This naturally reduces cholesterol levels. The sulfur compounds in garlic also increase natural enzyme production, causing a mild reduction of cholesterol.
In summary, the five-fold action is increased thyroid activity, decreased absorption of cholesterol, increased bile flow, increased antioxidant enzymes-particularly glutathione, which supports healthy liver and gallbladder function-and preventing the creation of harmful types of cholesterol in the blood.

Cholestamin can be taken with any medication, and there are no sideeffects.

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